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    【贬】木讷;迟钝。个人咁木独,好难教个噃。(这人这么迟钝,很难教的呀。) 呆滞;表现出迟钝的样子。阵间见到人,咪咁木独啊。(呆会儿见了面,别那么呆板。)│你够晒木独,噉都学唔识。(你够迟钝的,这样都学不会。) 寡味。呢碟鸡蒸得熟过龙,木独啲。(这碟鸡蒸得过了火,寡味了点儿。)

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    (slang) (adjective, normally to describe a person) dull; uninteresting; humdrum; quiet and reserved; phlegmatic; expressionless; slow-witted; sluggish; bland (especially when referring to food and drink)

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