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    同“蒙”。 ①不了解;不知道。呢件事我蒙查查。(这事儿我不清楚。)②【贬】胡里胡涂。点解你咁蒙查查??(你怎么这么湖涂?) 模模糊糊;摸糊不清。我哋上山嗰阵有雾,蒙查查,乜都睇唔倒。(我们上山的时候有雾,模模糊糊的,甚么也看不见。)

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    clumsy; confused (spoken);(adjective) blurry; hazy (adjective) confused; clueless; unclear; muddle-headed;difficult to discern; blur; muddled; (of a situation or something) unclear

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