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    会做,会干,懂得怎么办,明白该怎么做 识相,知趣,会做人,懂人情世故

    编辑解释edit jyutping

    'Smart - knows what to do' (usually said in a complimentary way to describe someone who knows how to behave appropriately in a certain situation or is very skilful in handling tricky circumstances); to be tactful; to be suave

    编辑英文解释edit jyutping


    噉你识做啲咩呀? 「唐伯虎点秋香」发音

    象食老虎,老虎食猫,猫食老鼠,老鼠可以食象。识做喇老鼠! 「九品芝麻官」发音

    桥唔系冇,睇你识唔识做。 「唐伯虎点秋香」发音

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