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    【喻】【謔】本義是燈泡,因廣州話稱不通人情為“唔(不)通氣”,所以比喻不通人情的人,特指不知趣地妨礙情侶談情的人。人哋兩個咁好傾,你點解要埋去做電燈膽?!(人家兩個談得那麼投機,你幹嗎要不知趣地走過去?!) 燈泡。通常指白熾燈燈泡。因燈泡其形似膽囊,故名。

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    (n.) a light bulb; the third wheel; an insensitive person who tags along with a couple, without realizing that the couple wants some privacy

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