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    故意与人为难;提出高条件来讨价还价。你扭计都系想揾啲着数嗻。(你故意为难还不是想捞点儿好处。) (小孩)不听话;为实现某种要求而哭闹。你再扭计就打咖喇。(你再不听话就打你了。)│佢扭计想买嗰个公仔之嘛。(他闹别扭,只不过想买那个洋娃娃罢了。)

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    (v.) to behave in a childish, mischievous or insensible way in order to try to get what one wants, such as by crying

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    唔可以扭计㗎 , 大雄 「哆啦a梦--伴我同行」发音

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