编辑拼音edit jyutping

    没办法 不用计较

    编辑解释edit jyutping

    no alternative, no way around, no use in arguing; an expression used to tell someone not to make a fuss about the trivial matters, usually as a kind gesture to a friend, similar to saying something to the effect of "don't worry about it" ;

    编辑英文解释edit jyutping


    冇计啦,你叻叻猪吖嘛 「哆啦a梦--伴我同行」发音

    噉都冇计㗎㖞,因为今次真系你做得唔啱吖嘛 「哆啦a梦--伴我同行」发音

    有冇计呢你觉得? 「低俗喜剧」发音

    未来嘅你唔出现都冇计㗎 「哆啦a梦--伴我同行」发音

    或者戚家啲人猪头丙啫,冇计嘅嘛。 「九品芝麻官」发音

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