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    【喻】原指结账、付账,比喻承担责任。出亲事好大镬个噃,边个睇数先?(一旦出事娄子挺大的,先得说清楚谁来负这个责任?) 原指会帐,转指付账。呢笔开支我嚟睇数。(这笔开支我来付。) 会帐;结账(旧时茶楼由服务员看着顾客吃完的碗碟来计算价钱)。叫个小姐埋嚟睇数。(叫那小姐过来结账。)

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    to settle up; to settle accounts; to ask for the bill; to keep an eye on the accounts - bookkeeping

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