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    (n.) a naughty boy; a bad kid; (appellation) 'naughty boy' / 'bad boy', usually used as a form of address by parents to call one's son (especially when scolding them); 'little rascal', a form of address for someone who annoys you too much; (adjective) to be of not such good character, usually to describe when someone does something which is not so good (morally) or when someone acts in a way that they shouldn't (this can be considered as a toned down version to the adjective '衰格')

    编辑英文解释edit jyutping


    衰仔,跪低,你记唔记得你曾经喺你死鬼老窦灵前发过誓, 「唐伯虎点秋香」发音

    衰仔吖,叫你唔好做贪官嘅嘞嘛,你咁都唔听? 「九品芝麻官」发音

    哈,你个衰仔,又玩我! 「国产零零漆」发音

    衰仔,你想造反呀? 「九品芝麻官」发音

    唔好玩啦,衰仔,未见过大场面?放松啲,平时练波一样得喇。 「少林足球」发音

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