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    同“收档”。 【喻】【谑】原指法师结束作法生涯、武师结束武术生涯等,比喻退休或结束某种生涯。我出年就收山喇。(我明年就退休了。)│赚咗咁多嘞,好收山喇。(赚了那么多了,该洗手不干了。)

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    (slang) retire; to quit from a field that one used to work in; to hang up one's axe; to wash one's hands of something (typically refers to those who wants to abandon the life of an outlaws or prostitutions); to shut down; to pack up (typically referring to a business)

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    你个样重可以带波咩?!收山罢啦。 「少林足球」发音

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